ER Series coilovers M3/M4 14-18 (3-BOLT TOP MOUNT)

£1,457.50 ex. VAT

We have pre-selected the recommended coilover kit for the best balance of performance and comfort, designed by the factory to have the best overall compromise of spring rate, ride height range, top mount design and damping rate to suit the majority of car owners.

It is more than capable of dealing with fast road and track work but also retains a high degree ride civility so the car can still be used for mundane duties and long journeys without the ride becoming tiring.

You can select a different option if a different kit is required.


BC Racings ER premium flagship F80/F82 M3/M4 coilovers are the external reservoir ER Series with separate compression and rebound damping adjustment. The ER Series coilovers bring with them the high quality and unique features seen on the BR and RM type but have the additional benefit of external reservoirs and the ability to allow the end user to individually adjust and set compression and rebound damping rates.

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BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 (3-BOLT) (14+) 6/13KG.MM, BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 (3-Bolt) (14+) 12/, BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 (3-Bolt) (14+) 7/, BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 (3-Bolt) (14+) 16/