Terms & Conditions

Please read this page carefully before placing your order on our online shop.

  1. Make sure your car is in top (fault-free) condition before ordering a remapped ECU from us. Get it scanned even if the car feels absolutely fine, modern engines adapt to various faults such as air-leaks. We always look after our customers and reply to every message, but please make the life easier for us by making sure there aren’t any mechanical faults to start with. Remapped ECU can cause more harm than good on a car that isn’t fault-free.
  2. Make sure the part you are about to order is the right one for your car. Message us if unsure. If you order a part for your car and would like to return it, you are free to do so, however we will not refund the shipping and there will be a 10% admin charge to recover the PayPal fees.
  3. All of our ECUs are carefully tested, second hand units. Although we always clean the ECUs as best as we can, sometimes there may be some visual marks on the casing.
  4. CRACKLE MAPS. Please do your own research on crackle maps and how they work. They can cause damage if not used responsibly. Our crackle maps have been tested and proven to be safe to use on cars, however you must understand that each car has had a different life, has been maintained differently etc. Crackle maps cause the engine to run at harsher conditions and higher temperatures. Again, you must make sure the engine is FAULTLESS before ordering an ECU from us.
  5. 10% administration fee is charged with every refund. Also shipping costs will not be refunded if the item has already been posted.