An ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a component which acts as an engines brain. They traditionally controlled fuel injection and ignition, however in a modern engine, it does a lot more, including variable valve timing, turbo boost (on force induction engines), throttle response or even engine running temperature.

Many manufacturers use ECU tuning to de-tune their engines for a number of reasons. The very common one is to allow manufacturers to introduce an even better performing version of the engine in future just by altering it’s ECU programming.

Here at DGMaps, we can offer ECU tuning which will safely get the most out of your engine to improve performance, overall feel of the car and even fuel consumption!

DGMaps offers a range of different remapping services. From basic Stage 1 maps, to fully custom maps for force induction applications, depending on the car and it’s main use. We also cover things like removal of various sensors or entire systems to simplify the engines for track use and much more.

We are based in Bournemouth, UK. However we can travel and offer a range of remote services.